A veteran in the UK Dubstep and Breaks scene. Benton’s main influence are things happening around him: nights out, listening to radio and people watching. He draws influence for all other kinds of music and is the co-founder of Swamp 81, one of the most definitive Dubstep and Techno labels operating in the UK.


Arkwright is a Dubstep producer hailing from London. His attention to detail, mastery of percussion and diverse productions have made him stand out as one of the most promising up-and-coming producers of the past few years. His productions have been released on respected labels such as Duploc, Deep Dark and Dangerous, Iron Shirt Recordings, Imperial Audio and Wheel & Deal Records.


Hypho is a man slap bang in the middle of a whole tonne of genres. Before him is a cauldron of breaks, techno, garage, jungle and dubstep that he mixes with his own unique ingredients. He stirs and stirs until it froths over the edge, then flings the sticky, swampy substance at respected labels ranging from  Tony J Riley’s Encrypted Audio to Stanton Warriors’ Punks by way of 877, Four40 and Eatmybeat.

Kelly Dean

Kelly Dean is a Los Angeles-based producer and DJ. He first gained exposure in 2008, following up with a stream of nine releases thereafter, Kelly caught SMOG’s attention and landed a spot on their roster. His music has been remixed and supported by some of the biggest names in Dubstep. Currently, he focuses on creating dark minimalist electronic music spanning several underground styles.


Zygos is a Belgian producer focusing on minimalist Dubstep. With releases on Unity Through Sound, Rarefied, Sub Audio Records and Foundation Audio, and support from artists like N-Type and Sleeper, Zygos continues to deliver some of the most forward-thinking sounds and grooves.


Up and coming DJ and Producer duo based out of Seattle focusing on combinations of Dubstep, Techno and UK Bass. They have recently relased on Eatmybeat and their music has been supported by the likes of The Widdler, DJ Barely Legal, Hypho, Khiva and more.


Rufus is a prominent up and coming producer in the Dubstep scene with recent releases on some of the most crucial Dubstep labels such as Hatched, Wheel & Deal and Biscuit Factory Records. His productions are diverse and have been well received on dance floors around the world for the past few years.


Sensei's first major influence and origins as a producer and DJ are deeply rooted in Dubstep, taking great inspiration from record labels such as DMZ, Tempa, Deep Medi and Tectonic, along with artists Digital Mystikz, Skream, Loefah, Benga and Pinch. . His sound can only be described as UK Bass music.


Ulmo’s music is dark, groovy, and subtly disruptive, bending expectations and blurring boundaries between pseudo-genres like “loose” dubstep and experimental techno. It is, per definition, “future bass”: forward-thinking, bass-driven dance music that draws its greatest inspiration from the unknown.